Clair Cousins
Managing Partner; Workplace and NFM Trained Family Mediator

Direct line +44 7797 734 463

Clair Cousins directly

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Clair believes mediation is suitable for everyone across any age, gender and culture and is helpful for all kinds of disputes; personal, professional, business and commercial – no matter how big or small, because it saves people time and money, is convenient, private and offers the opportunity for those involved to decide their own creative and lasting outcomes. She also believes that mediation offers the opportunity for people to preserve relationships and reputation.

Clair’s style is recognised by clients to be approachable, quickly putting them at ease with her empathic and practical approach creating the perfect environment to help parties reach creative solutions that work for them.  Originally from London, Clair is based in Jersey and understands the local context and the need to respect and consider the tight knit nature of the Islands.  Clair’s mediation experience coupled with her highly operational background in HR and communications enables her to be effective with large and small teams and in the family context.

Clair Cousins