Team Mediation

We work with teams and groups, using mediative techniques in a variety of ways that re-builds dysfunctional teams, re-calibrates leadership, and re-envisions teams that have lost focus.

We have four main interventions, each deploying our skills in a way that is aligned with the position a team or group is in. Each process is an intense, breakthrough session; our process transforms behaviours, attitudes and other contradictions rapidly and sustainably. A resolution process provides an approach for avoiding, managing and transforming conflict and dispute, developing constructive relationships and encouraging positive conversation and fresh thinking at work.

  • The Applied Leadership Intervention
  • Team Mediation
  • The Discovery Workshop
  • Team facilitation and team coaching

Our processes are:

  • Fair, consistent, proactive action without discrimination
  • Efficient and high quality care of employees and clients
  • Continued effectiveness through monitoring
  • Used wherever possible to resolve issues without recourse to another policy
  • Designed to build an authentic harmony through collaboration, synergy and purpose.