Workshops for Peace

Workshop for



The Workshop for Peace is a discovery of the right approach for small or large teams to take when you need to:

  • foster well-being for each individual in a team, and for the team.
  • To deal with diversity, conflict, distrust, hurt, and dysfunctional communication that’s affecting everyone to a greater or lesser extent, and to expand a common vision.
  • To stop sickness due to stress, and HR processes that are costing time & energy, that lead to even greater polarisation – that aren’t working.
  • To help each individual and the team collectively manage and remove anger, bullying, harassment, stress, and conflict.
  • To enable a team of individuals to become focused on the task, support each other, build trust, courage, commitment, and accountability with a shared vision.
  • To transform things for a better future together, rapidly.

Who for?

Groups and Teams that are in effect dysfunctional, with individuals who feel polarised, hostile, antagonised, defensive and stereotyped for their perceived behaviours and attitudes. There are probably power struggles; negative responses are the norm; communication is indirect and broken; problems are personalised with the focus lost on the original issue. There is a hopelessness and frustration that no one seems to be able to change.

No one is really or sufficiently able to listen, or respect, or co-operate, or share views, and accept co-responsibility, so the team needs to be transformed and re-built to become just ‘performing’ acceptably, let alone a capable, high performing team that is able to deliver critical care, safe operations, or high-quality client services.

Many of our clients have been immersed in their experiencing – for a shorter or longer time, in their own words, ‘deep feelings of devastation, anger, stress, hurt, and upset’. They often are feeling ‘victimised, undermined, distrusted, disrespected, bullied, harassed and that they are being treated unfairly’.

There are power struggles, negative responses are the norm, communication is indirect and broken, problems are personalised with the focus lost on the original issue. No one is really able to listen, respect, co-operate, share views, and accept co-responsibility.

Those words, and many more that we hear, can be absolutely devastating for them. But they are also often typical for us to hear, feel and see.

Sometimes, it appears to be the attitude and behaviour of just one, or maybe a few people in a team; and perhaps so. But when just one person in a team is perceived – rightly or wrongly – to be the ‘cause’, the whole team suffers, becoming dysfunctional, destructive and costly to your business.

Our workshops

Our Workshops for Peace have grown out of the extensive experience we have working with the people in teams who we work with nationally, within the Health Service, the third sector, and in many diverse workplaces. Many of the individuals in a team have often been off work for many months because of high levels of work related stress, with a grievance – or even a number of grievance procedures in motion in a complex web of breakdown of relationships. Individuals in the team feel polarised, hostile, antagonised, stereotyped for their behaviour and attitude, and defensive.

None of these outcomes are good for their health, for the well-being of them and their families, or the well-being of the team. None of these enable a team to perform well together; business is affected badly, and it does affect safety, critical care, and vital operational performance. as well as the bottom line.

We deliver focused interventions that change the behaviours, attitudes and causes – rapidly and effectively to create sustainable transformation.


That’s our mission: to transform behaviours, and attitudes to enable new ways of working together. We do that with a strong believe in the power of the individual voice, and the power of common goals that comes from our experience.

We work impartially, and initially with each individual, holding firm to a strong framework of confidentiality, good faith and wider process terms. We move into joint sessions over a number of consecutive days, that conclude with specific outcomes and commitments for the future.

The outcome is sustainable, and as binding as the client needs it to be, using a variety of tools to achieve that.