We provide workplace mediation services to support you and your staff to work through conflict.

Disputes in the workplace are incredibly common and they can cause serious disruption to the efficient operating of a company and considerable distress to those involved.

In a recent survey on Workplace Disputes carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, they reported

  • 38% of employees indicated that they had experienced personal conflict in the workplace;
  • 28% said that they were experiencing ongoing difficult relationships;
  • 10% said they had left an organisation because of conflict with another employee.

Many managers, and HR departments, don’t have the skills to deal with entrenched conflicts.

Long term sickness due to stress, high staff turnover and negative atmospheres at work result from leaving these issues unaddressed. In worst cases, grievance procedures, tribunals and court cases can result.

Mediation can make an enormous difference.

In our work, we’ve seen many beneficial effects of our mediations on individuals and teams at work. As a result of mediation intervention:

  • People have returned to their organisations after long-term sickness due to stress,
  • People have chosen to stay with their organisation, rather than leaving
  • Grievance procedures have not been initiated
  • Working relationships between staff members have been enormously improved
  • People have become more confident and developed a ‘can-do’, capable attitude

The use of mediation to resolve workplace conflicts is becoming more and more widespread – because of its effectiveness.

In 2011 a CIPD survey on Conflict Management found that:

  • 3% of all organisations they surveyed reported that they use mediation

Broken down by sector, it showed that:

  • 8% of public sector employers used mediation
  • 9% private sector employers used mediation

Mediation is a highly effective way of solving workplace conflicts that affect the morale, efficiency and performance of an organisation.

If you have a workplace conflict that you need help with, give us a call.