Family Mediation

Our Family Mediation service is a private, effective and rapid alternative to going to Court, and an established support and alternative to lawyers, for the negotiation of separation terms.

We know that our Family Mediation is four times quicker and five times cheaper than a typical alternative with over 90% of all matters coming to mediation being resolved effectively, to the agreement of both participants.

Why use family mediation?

To keep posts lower and controlled, to keep things private, and to settle things rapidly through a recognised professional practice and process.

What happens in a family mediation?

The Mediator meets over a defined number of individual and/or joint sessions to:

  • identify your issues
  • help you create options
  • help negotiate and agree terms.

Mediator assisted negotiation results in a settlement that is positive and effective for everyone involved.

Who should use family mediation?

Separating couples with financial, trust, property, personal and other concerns, including those of children and the wider family.

Direct Consultation with Children

Our individually accredited and experienced Family Mediators are also able to consult your children (over 5 years of age) where appropriate – this is called Direct Consultation with the child or children (DCC). If parents and/or the children want to be heard and understand the views from their standpoint in a safe, friendly and confidential environment, DCC provides just this. With the parent’s consent, children will be invited to meet with a mediator who is then able to represent their message to the parents.

DCC can be a powerful option for families and bring them closer together in finding arrangements that reflect every party’s needs.

We also have specialist mediators trained to consult directly your children, to include their needs.