Construction projects are notoriously difficult to scope and manage. There are often large amounts of money at stake, communication is difficult across multiple suppliers and project managers rarely build in ways to manage disputes into the build process.

Many disputes are pushed to the end of projects; resulting in costly arbitrations, tribunals and court cases. The cost of these processes in terms of money, relationships and time, is high, and the issues involved will have already impacted the project negatively.

We offer a range of services to mediate between conflicted parties on construction projects:

  • End-of-project mediations,
    in place of arbitrations or court cases
  • Dispute resolution services, throughout projects;
    to head of conflicts early and resolve issues quickly to keep projects on track

Mediations and Dispute Resolution services offer a more cost-effective, efficient way to manage conflicts that arise in construction projects. Using an independent third-party to help deal with issues quickly and comprehensively can make the difference between a successful project and one bogged down in costly and exhausting conflict and confusion.

Whether the construction project is for your home or a multi-million-pound civil construction project, we can resolve the disputes that come up so frequently in construction projects.

Get in touch to see how we can help your construction project stay on track and on budget.