Commercial mediation is a process used to resolve disagreements that occur in commercial relationships.

Transactional disputes
Disputes can easily arise from the transactional nature of commercial relationships. For example, in these areas:

  • Contracts can be unclear or not understood,
  • Delivery is not as expected
  • Performance is not as expected
  • Remuneration is not as expected

We know that resolving disputes effectively means saving money and positively affecting the bottom line of the business.

We can help you work in a different way, move through disputes and conflicts, and continue to create a positive, successful, business.

Managing business change
Businesses and public-sector organisations must change and adapt as their circumstances change. This can be very challenging for leaders, managers and employees. We can support your change management processes to increase understanding and make sure people in your organisation feel their concerns are being heard. In our mediations, we have helped people to feel empowered rather than overwhelmed, and enabled them to embrace change rather than resist it.

We have helped mediate business change in these situations:

  • Organisational restructures
  • Company mergers

Accredited and professional
Our Lead Commercial Mediators are all:

  • Members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), and
  • Accredited by the Professional Mediators’ Association (PMA) for all types of mediation.