Difficult Conversations

Meaningful conversations aren’t always easy, but they are a crucial part of leadership. Deliver constructive feedback with clarity and deal with high emotions in the workplace.

As a manager, sometimes you need to have conversations that you’d rather not, or that you are obliged to do in your line of work. Dealing with performance issues or habitual patterns like chronic lateness can be tough and may stir up emotions, but these conversations are crucial in the workplace and need to be handled in the right way.

You may be in a caring profession responsible for breaking bad new, or you may be simply at your wits end about a family members behaviour or attitude.

Leaders need to find ways to talk with Board members who are difficult to deal with, with executives or clients and customers where the outcome is crucial.

Learning outcomes

  • Manage workplace interactions up, down and across organisations.
  • Recognise and manage difficult behaviours to achieve a positive outcome.
  • Plan and prepare effectively prior to delivering feedback.
  • Confidently provide structured, clear, concise, constructive and timely feedback.
  • Use effective listening and questioning skills to gain agreement and commitment.
  • Learn how to deal with high emotions during crucial conversations and frame up difficult conversations to get the best results.