We’re intent on increasing awareness, understanding and engagement in society – in business, in the home and in our community – of resolution services. Our aim is that many more people will benefit from resolution services as an alternative to the Courts and legislative procedures, as an alternative to HR procedures, and as an alternative to the many other adversarial processes that result in a burden to our society through much better outcomes, much lower costs, and much less stress.

We’re enabling people to engage with resolution process, through education.

Our Education programme aims to increase access to effective resolution interventions and services through:

  • Increasing awareness about alternative resolution services, through sponsorships, seminars, and other initiatives (ADR)
  • Training all segments of society to be able to deliver great resolution interventions that create a much better future, whether that be a professional mediator, or it be a manager, a student, a parent, a Board member or any individual in our society.
  • Increasing standards of professional services for those who want to make a living from resolution services through professional training and CPD.
  • Delivering low and pro bono resolution services to those who could not otherwise access resolution services