Accreditation and Standards

Accredited programme for Professional Accreditation

Who for?

Professional Mediators from all sectors (including commercial, consumer, workplace and family) and executive Coaches holding a Certificate in Mediation or coaching from an accredited provider.


To equip ADR practitioners and coaches with ongoing professional accreditation, to meet national standards across all sectors. This gives clients and consumers protection by ensuring continued professional practice and competency.


The programme itself is Accredited by:

  • Institute of Law
  • QMU Edinburgh
  • Professional Mediators Association (PMA)

It’s based on three stages:

For core mediation skills and sector relevant methodology which must have taken place within the last 3 years.

A programme of supervision, peer review, 1-1 reviews based on experience being gained through co-mediation and observation culminates in an assessment.

CPD based revalidation
Required tri-annually based on relevant CPD hours (of which 20% must be sector/s relevant).

It is supported by an optional integrated CPD program with Peer group forums and other learning towards gaining personal experience.


The programme has been specifically designed to meet widely accepted national standards of mediation across all mediation sectors including commercial, consumer, workplace and the family.

The process accredits mediators on an individual basis, giving clients, consumers and other users of mediation services protection by ensuring professional practice and competency.