Certificate in Mediation Awareness

Certificate in Mediation Awareness (CIMA)

  • 4 day course
  • Training is accredited by Institute of Law Jersey and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

Key outcomes:

  • Enabled to meaningfully engage in mediation
  • Eligible to enter The Resolution Centre’s professional accreditation program

The Resolution Centre and Queen Margaret University Edinburgh are pleased to provide an Accredited Mediation Skills course, unique to the Channel Islands.

This alternative dispute resolution (ADR) course will equip and accredit individuals with the skills and techniques to effectively resolve complaints and disputes, whether in a mediation itself or using mediation skills.

Conflict and disputes affect people’s everyday lives. This course will examine how we behave in disputes and take students through how mediation helps resolve them.

The course programme has been specifically designed to deliver tangible benefits through mediation including consumer disputes, disputed contracts, construction disputes, partnership disputes, conflict in the workplace, corporate conflict and disputes at senior levels.

Specific skills you will develop include using;

  • Advanced communication skills to de-escalate complaints
  • Mediation skills to achieve quick, consensual outcomes

The knowledge you will gain includes understanding:

  • How conflict affects us;
  • Effective communication techniques in conflict situations;
  • The fundamental concepts and process of mediation;
  • How mediation skills can help resolve differences outside the mediation room.

The course combines lectures, group work, reflection, and practical scenarios, drawing on examples from: consumer complaints, relationship breakdown, commercial disputes and conflict in the workplace.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the principles and theory of mediation;
  • Understanding the psychology of conflict escalation and conflict resolution;
  • How to create a safe environment within the mediation process;
  • Building rapport and trust with people in conflict;
  • Engaging resistant people, balancing power and a constructive process;
  • Managing and structuring the mediation process;
  • Facilitating co-operation and joint problem-solving;
  • Demonstrating anti-discriminatory practices;
  • Shuttle mediation: using break out and caucus meetings;
  • Constructively managing difficult and strong emotions with appropriate control.

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The Resolution Centre’s Professional Accreditation Programme

Successful delegates from both the CIMA and CIMS are eligible to enter our professional accreditation programme at a separate cost.

This will enable them to practise as professional mediators with The Resolution Centre, in line with our established accreditation process.

Talk to us about how we can work together to progress your training and improve our service delivery.