Leadership Summit – Negotiating independent thought, transforming leadership performance and outcomes

A rapid way to achieve significant change in individual and collective performance:

For company boards, trustees, and teams that are critical to organisational outcomes


This includes board members – exec and non-exec directors, trustees, critical care teams, consultants, hospital and health services teams, emergency service teams, IT Support teams, management teams, maritime and aviation CRM teams, and other safety or critical operational teams. We see critical operations as any team that helps form the life-blood of your organisation.

The 2-day leadership summit achieves performance breakthrough, and changes lives. The summit facilitates individuals in team where to one extent or another, trust is absent, there is a fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and personal or different goals and agendas.

The intervention is transformational for the wellbeing and outcomes of individuals and  teams, as well as for their clients, patients, members, shareholders, or whoever is impacted by their performance; good ideas abound, action follows and people flourish.

If you’d like to talk with us about how this can help your board, or team, or talk to a client who has held a Leadership Summit with us, please contact us now.

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When you know that a board or team has individuals that have attitudes and behaviours that may or already are badly affecting the whole board, organisation and its value; for example:

  • a lack of clarity over the vision and purpose; the why, how and what
  • interpersonal problems between a few or many
  • conflicting views about what’s important
  • a breakdown of trust between each other
  • a lack of commitment and accountability
  • power struggles, personal agendas, egos, prejudices, bullying and other destructive behaviours
  • unacceptable performance and outcomes for clients (e.g. patients, members, customers, guests etc.) by the team and organisation

When you need to recalibrate leadership, to rebuild dysfunction in a board, and help people go beyond any perceived blocks and achieve breakthrough results, rapidly.


  • To finally discover and deal with ‘elephants in the room’ that hold you all back
  • To make a leap in attitudes, behaviours and performance
  • To realise true potential financially, operationally and humanly
  • To build trust and respect
  • To develop courage
  • To foster commitment and accountability
  • To agree a shared compelling vision for the future

The Leadership Summit will include the following techniques and outcomes

  • Pre-summit individual coaching session for each individual
  • Agreeing the contract and boundaries for the summit
  • Agree the shared compelling vision of the future
  • Identify and clarify and resolve issues and blockages
  • Develop an agreed sustainable leadership charter, with joint commitment and accountability
  • Changed behaviours and attitudes of the team
  • Increased performance and client outcomes


Mediation changes lives.

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