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The Resolution Board – passionate about promoting a harmonious society through helping people avoid, manage and resolve conflict.

We will :

  • Promote the use of resolution processes across society
  • Provide a signposting service to appropriate resolution professionals and services
  • Provide information on setting dispute boards for people and projects
  • Promote the role of professional resolution practitioners, and their standards
  • Influence policy to help society adopt and improve resolution processes in the Channel Islands

When to call us:

Early. Every project will hit hurdles at different points. When there are difficulties, disagreements, or challenges that are becoming stressful or emotional, the risk of not dealing with it increases. An aggressive stance can make things worse, leaving you without time and less capacity to de-escalate. A neutral third-party rapidly takes the heat out of things, facilitate dialogue, new approaches and win-win outcomes.

“People approach projects on the basis that everything is going to go well, whereas empirical experience would tell you that things are always going to go wrong.”

Mediation rebuilds dysfunctional teams. It resolves problems swiftly, de-escalates spiralling emotions and risk, and facilitates negotiation between all sorts of people. That includes conflict, disputes and difficulties between projects managers, suppliers, neighbours, patients, teams, engineers, politicians, doctors and nurses, managers, families, clients, and contractors. Our largest mediations include up to 40-50 people, helping them change things to build a better future over a short period of time.

Adjudication and arbitration can provide a ‘job-site’ real time dispute adjudication with independent people who have gained real knowledge of the project and the people. 01534 730234

More about us

The Resolution Board is a group of independent resolution specialists, each with particular resolution-process knowledge, skills, and experience, who will work with you to achieve optimal outcomes to conflicts and disputes.

How it works



Why are resolution processes different to other processes?

The legal process—and for employers human resource processes—are by nature adversarial, exacerbating problems rather than seeking to meet the real interests and needs of all the people involved.

In our experience, the adversarial approach increases stress, frequently significantly impacting the wellbeing of everyone involved, with the focus being on one party winning and the other losing.

Who we are and how we work

The majority of our (up to ten) Board members operate as independent, not-for-profit, academic bodies or social enterprises.

The Resolution Board operates under CIArb branch rules and the guiding principles of CIArb model procedures—such as those for mediation—on an independent, private, and confidential basis that ensures impartiality.


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