Team Coaching

We provide team coaching services to enable your team to perform exceptionally. The performance of a team and an organisation determines whether it: achieves its objectives, fails to do so, or far exceeds them.

Coaching your team, together, can create a step-change in their performance and develop them to become exceptional.

We provide an Organisational Team Coaching Programme which positively delivers:

  • a significant increase in team synergy,
  • improved quality of communication,
  • engenders feelings of goodwill and respect between team members

The programme correspondingly delivers a reduction in negative behaviours:

  • a decrease in discord and disharmony
  • reduced absenteeism
  • reduced meeting inefficiency
  • less time wasted on low-value goals.

The team is also supported in tackling a specific challenge, transition, or difficult phase.

Psychological gains
The psychological gains of our coaching programme work on both an individual and team level. –

Individual benefits include;

  • improved attention
  • greater confidence
  • improved clarity of mind

Group benefits are;

  • creation of breakthrough ideas
  • strong connection between team members
  • high levels of trust, courage, emotional intelligence and more.

For teams or organisations that are dysfunctional, under-performing – or ambitious – there is great opportunity here to gain from an upward shift in performance.

Programme details and length are bespoke based on the needs of the group, so call us to discover more about how the Resolution Centre can help your teams perform not just better, but become exceptional.