Executive Coaching

The Resolution Centre is pleased to provide one-on-one executive coaching, and corporate coaching programmes for individuals and teams.

These programmes facilitate the performance, learning, and development of leaders and teams with significant focus on the psychology required to lead extremely effectively, whether managing teams, engaging with peers and board members, or managing ourselves.

The performance of a leader impacts every area of an organisation. Executive Coaching provides leaders with a one-on-one high-impact relationship and coaching environment to drive step-change growth as effective leaders.

This intervention delivers tangible benefits through making leaders bolder, more aware, more inspiring, forge better relationships, and gain more life balance. It also helps the individual tackle a specific challenge, a transition, or a difficult team.

Psychological gains: confidence, creativity, resilience, demeanour, attention, well-being, mental performance, connection, energy, clarity of mind, emotional intelligence.

Suited to any level of leadership, from “C” and Board-level, senior and through to high-potential managers, or simply leading one’s own life where the individual’s impact is not yet being fully realised. Programme details and length are bespoke based on the applicant’s needs


The performance of a team and an organisation determines whether it achieves its objectives, fails to do so, or far exceeds them. The Team-Organisational Coaching Programme creates a step-change in the development and performance of a team or organisation, to become exceptional.

The measurable benefits this programme delivers are driven by a significant increase in team synergy, quality of communication, goodwill and respect, and by a decrease in discord, disharmony, absenteeism, meeting inefficiency, and wasting time on low-value goals. The team is also supported in tackling a specific challenge, a transition, or difficult phase.

Psychological gains: these include many of the individual benefits of; attention, confidence, clarity of mind, and others, and an emphasis on the group benefits of; breakthrough ideas, strong connection & trust, courage, emotional intelligence and more.

Teams or organisations that are dysfunctional, under-performing, or ambitious, that have significant benefit to attain from an upward shift in performance will be ideally suited to this programme. Programme details and length are bespoke based on the needs of the group.

We work with you to develop a programme that suits your needs. If you feel you could benefit from Executive Coaching, give us a call here.