We believe in the power of diversity

Fostering trust and courage in leaders and their teams, so they can accomplish their missions.

Our 2-day leadership summit achieves performance breakthrough, and changes lives. The summit facilitates individuals in team where to one extent or another, trust is absent, there is a fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and personal or different goals and agendas.

The intervention is transformational for the wellbeing and outcomes of individuals and  teams, as well as for their clients, patients, members, shareholders, or whoever is impacted by their performance.


We enable the positive growth and change that we and our clients want to see in the world.

Our objectives are to

  • enable successful people to become even more effective;
  • rebuild dysfunctional teams to become high-performing
  • enable individuals that are in a very negative and tough place build and achieve a positive future
  • enable business to succeed through attitude and behavioural change,  removing barriers.

Resolute Leaders

We provide intense, high-impact and transformational leadership programmes that and coaching, designed around your needs, that aims to improve business performance by:

  • building your trustworthiness, through increasing your self-orientation;
  • building your courage to understand the voice of the individual through effective dialogue, and interest based negotiation;
  • building your commitment, through debating a collective vision;
  • building your accountability, through a committed team;
  • building your interest-led leadership skills, achieving the results of a collective outcome;
  • understanding how you and your people will contribute to society at large

The Resolution Centre provides leadership programmes and coaching from experienced, trained and accredited leaders and coaches, including NLP practitioners, who have lots of experience of working as and/or with Senior Leaders – across a wide range of industries.