Who we sponsor

We’re sponsoring a variety of different individuals and organisations, to help them create a better future, together with us or others.

Who we Sponsor 2017/2018

We’ve supported Jonathan Channing , in partnership with a silent sponsor from the private sector, in his training to gain negotiation and mediation skills

The Jersey Symphony Orchestra is a true community orchestra, devoted to the needs of local players, audiences and the promotion of orchestral music for everybody on the island.

We’re supporting the Jersey Symphony Orchestra with team of our facilitators, who are also experienced mediators, to work with key members and influencers from across the whole organisation of the orchestra to lead both formulate a clear collaborative vision and articulate how The orchestra is going to achieve that. We’re using a mixture of Discovery Workshops, and Applied Leadership Intervention techniques.

We provide “coaching for coaches”, and we provide coaches to work with teachers to overcome and learn from the challenges they face in developing as leaders. Find our more here