We’re excited to tell you about our Sponsorship programme

Creating and leading a movement that changes the way we deal with conflict needs the energy that comes with determined and passionate people.

We’re looking for passionate people to join with us, both as sponsor and as the sponsored, to learn and deploy the skills needed that will equip and enable more and more individuals and organisations to secure a better future through great resolution interventions and services.

We know that we can’t do this alone. As a Social Enterprise, we are re-investing profits to be able to create our own sponsorships.

The Resolution Centre is, therefore, also looking for co-sponsors who join with us to fund, and lead this movement.

If you are interested in partnering with us to change the way people deal with conflict as a Sponsor, or to be sponsored and learn how to help others secure a better future, contact us now!

Who we sponsor – developing as resolute leaders

Recent recipients of sponsorship from The Resolution Centre

The Resolution Centre is looking for passionate people to learn how to equip other people resolve their own difficulties and challenges, through more determined and effective self-advocacy; and how to facilitate others to resolve their difficulties and challenges rapidly and effectively through peer mediation and as mediators.

With corporate partners sponsoring an individuals’ learning, they will understand how to resolve disputes, difficulties and challenges and become professionally accredited in an internationally recognised discipline. They will learn how to be leaders of a movement that impacts our society, and help people lead better lives of their own.

Right now, we’re looking for people passionate in reaching out to leadership, youth & education, and charities. We’re looking for young people who are emerging leaders, for experienced people who can mentor and coach, for people who understand how difficulties and challenges can be resolved through equipping people with life skills or facilitating difficult conversations.

If you are an individual who wants to impact society in one of these sectors – or another sector where you think that with us, you can make a difference – then call us.

See some of those we are sponsoring in 2017/2018 here

Sponsors – leading movement with us

  • ‘Sponsor a School’ programme to train leaders in education to support students in developing life skills that help them deal with difficulties and challenges – from £5000
  • Sponsor a partnered participant on the Mediation Skills Course – £3250
  • Sponsorship of one participant on one of our subsequent ‘Resolute Leader’ programmes – £2600
  • Part Sponsorship of one participant on our mediation awareness course – £1850