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Enabling you to resolve problems

and build a better future, together


Developing professional resolution skills, increasing public engagement and influencing policy. We aim to significantly increase effective provision and use of mediation skills and resolution services.


Fostering trust and courage in leaders and their teams, so they can accomplish their missions. We aim to enable the positive growth and change that we and our clients want to see in the world.


Facilitating negotiations for people in business, at work, at home and in the community, enabling people to resolve problems and build a better future, together.

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What is
The Resolution Centre?

About Us

The Resolution Centre is a leading offshore centre of excellence for ADR, specialising in resolution and leadership interventions using mediative principles across all realms of life.

We focus on your achieving positive outcomes as an alternative to facing adversarial win-lose processes such as the Courts, HR processes and tribunals, and instead of ignoring the breakdown of contracts and teams.

We believe in the power of the individual voice, the power of diversity, and the power of common goals.

Our mission is to create a step change in using resolution processes successfully in our society, for a better future, together.

About Us
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We are professional facilitators,skilled and experienced in facilitating negotiation, conversation and communication.

We enable success through powerful leadership interventions and conflict resolution.