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Facilitating the learning, development and performance of others, helping people find their right leadership voice.


Helping people to lead their own lives and those of others with authenticity, courage and confidence.


Resolving difficulties, conflict and disputes through facilitating negotiation, truth and reconciliation. We believe in the power of common goals

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"Winning - isn't it great?" Asks A.L. Kennedy

What is
The Resolution Centre?

About Us

The Resolution Centre is a leading offshore centre of excellence for ADR, specialising in resolution and leadership interventions using facilitative and mediative principles across all realms of life.

We focus on your achieving positive outcomes with real success as an alternative to facing adversarial win-lose processes such as the Courts, HR processes and tribunals, and instead of ignoring or putting up with the breakdown of contracts and teams.

We rebuild dysfunctional teams, especially leadership, using mediation and strategic workshops in a rapid, intense and transformational process.

We focus on building trust, courage, commitment and accountability with real belief in the power of common goals.

Our mission is to create a cultural movement that builds a harmony in our society and a better future, together.

The Resolution Centre operates as a social enterprise.

About Us
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We resolve problems and rebuild teams.

We use mediation, strategic workshops, coaching and other breakthrough interventions.